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This wall of text begins with me in my studio working on a commission and my wife takes a peek at my work in progress and asks "What is a Muffwiggler?" Where to even start with that? Even though I don't have the answer I respond "If you don't know then I'm not gonna be the one to tell you" because I'm a punk like that. At this point I know the logo is for a forum called Muffwiggler and that there is a store opening up in Portland that specializes in boutique synthesizers and that my friend Steve works there.

Steve asked me to simply take the logo and put it on a flask but I found the result boring in the way that logos slapped on items tend to look boring. Why follow directions when you can freestyle renegade remixes of companies logos? I have a sticker on my printer which reminds me to "MAKE SOMETHING AWESOME" and so i listen to the little sticker because it's typed in all caps and it's yelling at me.

I hadn't yet met or talked to Mike at Muffwiggler but I figured it couldn't hurt to try to design something that comes a little closer to capturing the passion of deep audio nerds. Namely waveform-like visualizations where underlying structures seem to emerge (or perhaps I spent too long watching Hans Jennys' Cymatics) I used a process called Pattern Blending on Muffwigglers logo and ended up with esthetically pleasing geometric shapes but couldn't figure out how to put them on the flask until I realized I could do a full wraparound design. After some quick math I got to work.

My friend Chad came over and helped me run a couple of these and this is where Muffwiggler took on a whole new life. We started singing Burlesque sounding Muffwiggler theme songs with painfully bad lyrics like "Baby got the jiggle... you know she wanna wiggle... cuz that muff ain't gonna wiggle itseeeeeeeelf" We can bring each other to tears with these retarded jingles we come up with. After a week of texting and throwing out tweets we decided that we were fans and came to embrace our new found status as perhaps the worlds first Wiggaloes. w00p w00p! (It's not a gang it's family!)

Muffwiggler Flask Process
Muffwiggler FlaskThe test run of the wraparound flask design alongside the 'logo slapped on pocket alcohol bucket' version
Detail vs BokehThis is the top of the flask with a full wraparound design, the first I've ever attempted. Very pleased with the outcome of this one.

but wait! We still don't even know what a Muffwiggler is! After following Steve from Buried in Times twitter feed posting all the amazing toys they have there I was quite excited for the combined grand opening of the Portland Muffwiggler store / 14th annual Trash Audio synth meet.

As much as we wanted to go into the Synth Meet I convinced my crew that it was a creepy Brainwash cult like any other and before we knew it we would develop a very pricey and impossible to kick modular habit and waste away our remaining days on forums in heated arguments regarding CV Gate. Instead we focused on trying to make each other laugh while attempting to empty the keg at Crush, the venue next door where the live performances were to happen a few hours later. (The keg won this time)

We did pop in the store to have an impromtu Machinedrum & Devilfish 303 Jam and to purchase the newest Make Noise Records - Shared System 7"

Chad Getting Down with the Devilfish
Patch Cable HoldersI love that the look like veins.

We hung out and caught the performances and caught up with friends from all over the West Coast.

Trash Audio 14
Richard Devine at home in a sea of patch cables.
That's right.It was at this point in the evening that Gabe (Logreybeam) and I decided to take it personally that Jeremy EVAC didn't make it. Not sure if Shawn Hatfield from Audible Oddities or Adam Johnson took it personal or not. Probably not. At this point im dropping more names than if I fumbled a phone book. Deal with it.
Ladies like weird noises too!

After we closed out Crush we decided to hit up the 11th & Hawthorne food carts where my fingers still somehow managed to find that button that makes the pretty picture magic happen.
Alisha and Rebecca
This is a good feeling

So here we are... are we any closer to knowing what a Muffwiggler is? No I am a frayed knot, however I think we can say with a high level confidence that whatever a muff is... it got wiggled last night.

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